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Ben will get you up and moving with his selection of a variety of music from Little Feat to Elvis Presley! He creates a really fun time with his upbeat music and loves engaging with the crowd.

“As for musical inspirations certainly my father comes to mind: Johnny ” Soul” McNulty, a retired major industry performer who toured with names like Frankie Ford and Johnny K. Doe. I started playing guitar with my father at the age of 9 and did my first public band performance at 12.

I run in a small circle of musicians who are known for a style of picking that is unique and virtually undiscovered by many. Albert Lee would be my favorite guitarist amoung dozens of others.  I have always been very fortunate to study under some amazing musicians: Charlie Byrd, Dan Littleton, and  Kenny Jones to name a few.

I served in the US Army from 1990 until 1993.  I further served as a military contractor with Vance International and was assigned to a protective services detail (Counter Terrorism Response and Evacuation Team Leader) working for The Ambassdor to Saudi Arabia. Prince Bandar, Bin Sultain, Abdula Aziz, and the Saudi Royal family.”

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