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Mother, veteran, former interpretative national park ranger, retired educator, poet and activist, Sandra Nelms-Ludwig was born and raised in rural Bedford County, Virginia, nestled beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains. She began writing poetry at age 12 and has performed in numerous poetry slams and open mics both in Germany and America. Her poetry has appeared in two chapbooks, Litspeak at Hollins University in 1994 and Mouth Music at Big Island, Virginia, in 1997. This collection is her first book of poetry to be published and is a sampling of her writing from over the past 50 years. She presently resides with her beloved Cocker Spaniel, Sir Duke, in Virginia.

Literal LIFE Lessons Reviews

Sandra Ludwig’s poetry comes from the deep well within her soul. It is always strong with emotion. Her voice carries the reader into those places of life, with glimpses of reality, hidden away in the deep parts of our own souls. Hers is a powerful voice.
Joy Barefoot, poet, Hoots, Howls and Belly Growls, Poetry for Little People and the Young at Heart

Ludwig has mastered a difficult art form. Her poetry is to be savored, a treasured reflection on life.
Jocelyn Limpert, Editor

Ludwig’s art reflects a kind of beauty that is not always pretty! There is certainly a beauty in the way she bends words to her will. There is beauty in the rhythm, cadence, and cleverness of her storytelling. This daughter of the south digs deeper and speaks to the truths of human relationships most of us live … but fear to speak. This collection is a masterwork of poetry.
Patrick Ellis PhD, Goose Creek Studio/Portiuncula Guild

Sandy’s poetry is artful and deeply generous. Her willingness to explore the emotions that seem unbearable and transform them into poems that are both beautifully rendered and crystal clear in their point of view is almost heroic. I am better for having encountered her work, and you will be too.
Catherine Backus, songwriter and music therapist

This poetry in not for the faint-of-heart. It is powerful, bittersweet, and true. Ms. Ludwig’s poems are haunting love songs to life, crafted from her own story. The mix of light-hearted moments with brutal truths is undergird by the author’s undying commitment to hope and love. It is poetry that you will want to re-read and share with your loved ones.
Peggy M. Vogel, Ph.D.
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Psycho-Educational Specialist

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